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A business card can be an inexpensive way to get your name out there, but there are things you need to know about them before you go running out to order.

First and foremost, you must put one of two phrases somewhere on the card:

  1. Independent Avon Sales Representative
  2. Avon Independent Sales Representative
Note in my card, I have chosen to put the name “Avon” at the top, but I still have the rest of the phrase below my name. This is one of the by-laws of Avon, that you must have this listed with your name in any advertising that you do.


A business card is a quick glance at your business, so there is a lot of information in a small bit of paper.

At the very top is the company name, along with information on how someone else can start their own Avon business. Why do that? Because, when others join Avon and do well, you get paid for their efforts.

I have my name, I have my title (although it’s changed since then, at least it still shows leadership), and I have the fact that I am a Beauty Advisor (I took all of the required courses to achieve this).

At the bottom is my contact information. I have given them three different ways to contact me: phone, email and website. NEVER NEVER NEVER put your address.



This is the back of my card. I have used it to tell a little more about the details of joining Avon. I’ve also included my ongoing customer special.


You can order perforated cards if you like, with room for writing appointment dates and times on them.


I get mine from Vista Print. There are usually a lot of great specials and the shipping is free.


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